Tingles Painting has over 30+ combined years of experience in the painting industry. Brothers, Horace and Hugh Tingle have been entrepreneurs all their lives and have been apart of successful endeavors both in the USA and the Caribbean. Horace and Hugh Tingle hail from a small island in the Caribbean known as “Jamaica”. They first started Tingles Professional Painting and Pressure Washing. Ltd. in 2001 and in a short time developed a successful company. They branched off into different companies but, as life would command, they are back to their true love “Professional Painting”. Tingles Painting, LLC was fortunately reopened in 2016 and since then have grown by leaps and bounds.

Tingles Painting is at the cusp of becoming the number one sourced painting company in Orlando and with an almost 5-star rating on HomeAdvisor, Networx, and Google. We are on the road to “Paint Orlando” Talent Integrity Neatness Guaranteed Liable Experience & Sincerity. That's what makes “TINGLES” the one company to call. vi. We work hard! We are reliable! We are full of personality! vii. Tingles Painting work with renowned Paint Manufactures and then passes their knowledge onto you by offering only their best products to you and applying the industry's best trade practice to our work.

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